Anti Fade Window Film

Privacy Window Films are specialised adhesive films that when fitted to the inside of windows inhibit the optical transmission property of the glass.

These Privacy Window Films offer a long-term and durable alternative to the use of curtains and blinds in our homes and offices at a relatively low cost.


How does Privacy Window Film work?

girl-readingColoured Privacy Window Films are dyed and work by increasing absorption. The colour pigments within the film absorb light and restrict the optical transmission of the glass.

Reflective Privacy Window Films are precision coated with metals and work by increasing the reflection properties of the glass in one direction and restricting the optical transmission. This solution offers privacy in one direction.

Opaque Frosted Privacy Window Films diffuse light when applied to windows. This diffusion reduces the optical transmission of the glass in both directions.

What are the benefits of having Privacy Window Film installed?

Glare Reduction

The application of  Reflective Privacy Window Film can result in massive reductions in glare, making working in the office more comfortable and increasing productivity.


Alternative to Blinds / Shutters / Curtains

Privacy window film is available in a range of technical specifications and is a long term and durable, low-cost privacy solution in the stead of having blinds,shutters or curtains fitted.

How do I know what kind of Privacy Window Film I need?

Window Films 2000

At Window Films 2000, our knowledgable designers will listen to your needs and offer expert solutions to your glass problems. Our fully-insured experienced technicians follow best practice and maintain excellent workmanship in the installation of all our Window Film products. Our dedication to service and attention to detail offers full peace-of-mind that your Window Film will be fit for purpose and performing correctly for many years to come.

Working examples

Window Films 2000 offer can supply design and install a comprehensive range of Privacy Window Films, they are available in a variety of colours and technical specifications. Please see our case studies below for a comprehensive overview of this versatile product.