Solar control window films are specialised adhesive films that when fitted to the inside of windows reduce the amount of Ultraviolet Solar Heat coming through the glass.

These Films offer a long-term and durable protection from our Sun’s Ultraviolet rays. U.V. Rays are responsible for the excessive glare and heat that we experience in our homes and offices, and also cause the premature fading of delicate items like fabrics and photographs.


How does Solar Control Window Film work?

girl-readingColoured Solar Control Window Films are dyed and work by increasing absorption. The colour pigments within the film absorb the Ultraviolet rays at the glass and reduce the transmission of rays into the room.

Reflective Solar Control Window Films are precision coated with metals and work by increasing the solar energy reflection of the glass. As more Ultraviolet rays are reflected away, this reduces the transmission of rays into the room.



What are the benefits of having Solar Control Window Film installed?

83% Glare Reduction

The application of Solar Control Window Film can result in massive reductions in glare, making working in the office more comfortable and increasing productivity.

8 Degrees of Heat Reduction

During the Summer months, the application of Solar Window Film can result in a massive reduction of heat energy passing through windows, making a cooler working environment for your staff.

Energy Usage Reduction

Air conditioning units cooling the office during the summer months is an additional energy usage, Solar Control Window Film will reduce the temperature of the office and reduce the need for air conditioning.

30% increase in Window Insulation

During the winter months, Solar Control Window Film will increase the insulation on your windows upto 30% over glass alone resulting in less heat energy escaping your building via the windows.

Window Films 2000 offer can supply and install a comprehensive range of Safety Window Films, they are available in a variety of technical specifications. Please see our case studies below for a comprehensive overview of this versatile product.