Window Films

What are Window Films?

Window Films are plastic membranes,  when skilfully applied to windows they can improve certain properties of the glass. Window Films offer an impressive range of low-cost solutions to many of our modern-day glass problems and come in a variety of colours and finishes to suit our aesthetic needs.


What kind of Window Film is available?

girl-readingSolar Control Window Film-  This versatile Window Film is applied both residentially and commercially to restrict the transmission of Solar Energy through glass. Benefits include, reduced glare, reduced temperatures and reduced energy costs. Solar Control Window Film is available in a range of technical grades and a variety of colours and finishes.

Safety Window Film-  When applied to glass, Safety Window Film will increase the integrity of the window by holding together any broken pieces of glass after breaking. Shattered glass is unable to escape the membrane and cause injury. Our Safety Window Film is British Standard and Health & Safety Regulation compliant offering a low cost solution to upgrading any non-compliant glass. Safety Window Films are available in a variety of colours and finishes.

Security Window Film-  This Window Film is particularly impressive. When applied to residential and commercial windows, Security Window Film increases the resistance of the glass to breaking. Trespassers will generally give up their attempt to break the windows. Security Window Film is has proven resistance to stones, tools and weapons and offers low cost and pleasing alternative to steel bars fitted to windows. Security Window Film is available in a range of colours and finishes.

Privacy Window Film-  Restricting the optical transmission of glass, Privacy Window Film can be applied as an alternative to curtains and blinds. Available in a range of opacities, colours and finishes, Privacy Window Film can be a low cost solution for both residential and commercial applications.

Decorative Window Film-  As cut coloured vinyl or digitally printed film, Primarily, the application of Decorative Window Film is for aesthetic reasons. Fitted in the home as decoration or the office as an integral part of branding, these films are also applied as promotional pieces on the High Street and in shopping centres.


How do I know what kind of Window Film I need?

Window Films 2000

At Window Films 2000, our knowledgable designers will listen to your needs and offer expert solutions to your glass problems. Our fully-insured experienced technicians follow best practice and maintain excellent workmanship in the installation of all our Window Film products. Our dedication to service and attention to detail offers full peace-of-mind that your Window Film will be fit for purpose and performing correctly for many years to come.

Working examples

Window Films 2000 offer can supply design and install a comprehensive range of Window Films, they are available in a variety of colours and technical specifications. Please see our case studies below for a comprehensive overview of this versatile product.